About Us


Our Philosophy

An agencies only true tangible asset is its people, their knowledge and experience. We identify, train, nurture and reward our team members as we realize our key differentiator is the quality of our talent.   We have a tenured history of successfully developing great talent driven to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

About Thoughtful Digital

Thoughtful Digital was founded and funded by Brock Marion, a digital native with over 21 years hands-on experience focused on digital performance marketing. He brings knowledge leadership in digital demand generation and customer acquisition expertise, leveraging his deep and proven experience across search marketing, e-commerce, user experience design and conversion rate optimization to deliver sustained outperformance for our clients.

In his current role as President of Thoughtful Digital, Brock oversees highly tenured brand teams managing holistic performance marketing programs for industry leading consumer durable goods retailers, sporting goods and travel brands that integrate organic and paid search, performance display, social media, mobile and local channels to consistently drive revenue growth and new customer acquisition.

Brock helped to build and grow the first pay-per-click online display advertising network in 1998 and recognized early the emerging importance of paid and organic search marketing, founding his own search marketing practice in early 2001.

Thoughtful Digital is a digital performance marketing agency for companies requiring best in class digital marketing expertise to grow their businesses.

Our tenured teams deliver proven customer acquisition and lead/demand gen strategy coupled with a focus on executional excellence to ensure a measurable, sustainable and predictably positive return for your brands eCommerce marketing investment.

Located just north of McKinney on a small ranchette in Howe, Thoughtful Digital is a proud citizen of the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas Metroplex.


We deliver actionable digital strategy based upon the unique needs of your business, helping you reach and exceed your eCommerce goals today and into the future.


We drive executional excellence by leveraging proven, repeatable best practices, processes that free up time to think, to focus on seeking out incremental growth opportunities for your business.


Our core focus is meeting and exceeding your business goals, delivering measurable outperformance and a sustainably profitable return for your brand, day after day, year after year.

We deliver sustained outperformance for our clients, year after year.