Do You Trust Your Analytics?

Do You Trust Your Analytics?

Ensuring accuracy and accountability in your eCommerce analytics, tagging and the data collected is the foundation for a successful eCommerce marketing strategy. A key enabler for the growth of eCommerce is the measurement and accountability afforded by the robust site analytics and reporting available within digital.

Unlike many other marketing and advertising activities, digital performance marketing tactics can be measured using analytics tools that allow brands to track a purchase from an advertising impression or search query all the way through the purchase path to conversion, giving marketers a (relatively) clear relationship between marketing spend and eCommerce profit.

A strong foundation of measurement and accountability is critical to gaining executive buy-in and funding for eCommerce. Being able to demonstrate sustainable and ROI-positive returns will allow you to procure budget to build your direct eCommerce business, allowing you to capture share and grow the channel.

Does your organization have confidence in your eCommerce data and analytics? Our teams are familiar with all widely adopted analytics platforms, tag management solutions, bid management platforms and other technology tools to ensure that our clients programs are highly measurable and that the data we report on and optimize against is accurate.

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