Stop Chasing the Shiny Dot

Stop Chasing the Shiny Dot

As digital marketers, we are in a state of constant learning in an industry that is maturing, evolving and expanding at a rapid pace. New opportunities hit our inboxes daily, all promising to be the next big thing or the incremental solution to exceeding your eCommerce goals this year.

Before you go chasing what your boss or that slick new vendor claims is the next big thing for your digital marketing program, take a step back and ask yourself if you’ve wrung every opportunity out of your current channels.

Everyone loves the bright, shiny and new, but we see very few brands that have truly covered every core opportunity and have reached the point of diminishing returns in paid search, much less fully capturing all opportunity across digital channels like organic search, display, social, local, mobile, direct mail, email, etc.

Before you fund that shiny new social media advertising opportunity, consider where reinvesting those same dollars in a current program could drive the same or greater return at a lower risk. If you take a hard look at your current programs, we’re confident you will likely be better served investing those dollars in an existing channel that you have experience, history and an established return trend within.

Now we’re not suggesting that you don’t consider new opportunities as it’s critical to stay on top of emerging trends and new opportunities, especially in the rapidly evolving space we call digital. What we are saying is to carefully consider the upside and downside of adding a new tactic to your marketing mix, especially an unproven one. Now start digging!