20 Jun Do You Trust Your Analytics?

Ensuring accuracy and accountability in your eCommerce analytics, tagging and the data collected is the foundation for a successful eCommerce marketing strategy. A key enabler for the growth of eCommerce is the measurement and accountability afforded by the robust site analytics and reporting available within...

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20 Jun Google’s Mobile-First Index + SEO

With the start of the new year, Google has begun implementing the so-called “mobile-first” index within its search engine. This new rollout will ultimately change the way your site is ranked within the search engine results pages. Here are the things you need to know...

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19 Jun Stop Chasing the Shiny Dot

As digital marketers, we are in a state of constant learning in an industry that is maturing, evolving and expanding at a rapid pace. New opportunities hit our inboxes daily, all promising to be the next big thing or the incremental solution to exceeding your...

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